• Not My Father's Union
    This three-minute video shows what's different about the unions at Kaiser Permanente. Coalition union members do more than fight for wages and benefits—they are directly involved in the problem solving and decision making that help make KP the best place to receive care.

  • Getting to Thumbs Up! 
    This video captures not only the excitement at reaching consensus on the 2012 National Agreement -- but also shows the power of  interest-based problem solving and how it creates energy, learning and unity instead of leaving people drained. You'll hear from employees represented by the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and others who worked with Kaiser Permanante using interest-based bargaining to reach the largest private-sector agreement negotiated in 2012.

  • Changing Work, Changing Lives.
    Changing Work, Changing Lives examines the current environment in which we provide care, the changes coming in the near future, and the role each of us has in creating a better future. In this approximately 12-minute video, KP employees, managers, physicians and executive leaders address the competitive and economic challenges that threaten our mission to provide the highest quality care and the best service at an affordable price. They also tell the compelling story of our organization’s track record for success through partnership and reveal what we can all do--and in some cases are already doing--to help ensure our continued success.

  • A New Way
    This is the story of Kaiser Permanente's Labor Management Partnership, told by key players who were deeply involved in its creation and who help lead it today: it updates the story told in LMP's "Genesis" video. Learn about the role unions played in helping form Kaiser Permanente, the role they play today in sustaining and growing the organization, and hear from two of KP's highest performing unit-based teams, who demonstrate how partnership is helping Kaiser Permanente deliver the highest quality care and best service at an affordable price while also making it the best place to work.